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Ladies and gentlemen, we’re sure you’ve heard stories of artists

getting left behind in a world of streaming royalties in this day

and age, not earning the money they deserve because of an outdated music business model. Here at BOC we want to do our part

to fix that, and so we present to you a new
Box of Cats Initiative


Our mission is to support the music industry from the ground level

by supporting artists where we can, and that’s why we’re launching a subscription-based system. For a monthly fee you’ll automatically receive new BOC releases directly – we’re cutting out the middleman and accounting to the artists directly. But the rewards don’t just end with the music…


See below the different tiers of your choice, offering VIP rewards

to NLC Members. 

Welcome to the future.

Choose your package

  • MVP

    Every month
    Most Popular
    • VIP demo submission email
    • VIP Pin & Patch
    • Early access to all future releases
    • Exclusive VIP Tracks only to Members
    • Store Discounts
    • VIP Access to all BOC Branded shows
    • Access to Discord channel
  • 12 Month MVP

    • All MVP Benefits
    • Free Nine Live Club T-Shirt
    • Backdated NLC Exclusive tracks


How often will I receive music?

A minimum of twice per month.

When will i receive my MVP Pin & patch?

Once you hit 3 months of being an MVP, we will send your welcome gift.

how am I supporting the artists directly?

Members pay monthly installments. The money is divided 50/50 with the artists and label after costs are covered. Each month’s income will be divided up between the releases of that specific month. What this does is creates a fair system where all artists will be making money without relying on 'playlisting'.

can I cancel my subscription?

Of course! You can cancel your subscription at anytime. Unless you have opted for the yearly subscription and have paid up front. Refunds are not offered.

Why sign up?

Music royalties are something that seem to be decreasing faster than we can even put music out. We want our community to be industry leaders in creating a platform where fans are directly supporting artists and getting something genuine for it. This gives the music they are releasing an increased value.

What happens with the label's share of the money?

Box of Cats want to put every penny we earn back into creating new experiences for our subscribers. Maybe this is a Box of Cats event in Los Angeles or an exclusive remix from a huge artist that we are now able to bring on board. 

How do i access music before it's released?

MVP Members will be asked to create an 'Inflyte' account and will be added to the BOC promo list.

How often will i get exclusive members only tracks?

You will receive exclusive tracks at least once per month.

how do i submit vip demos?

You will receive a special MVP-only email address for your demo submissions.

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